What is MoneyRebase?
Meet Bob
Bob earns money from his work. He spends some of that money and saves the rest
The money Bob doesn't spend can then be invested, and earn money itself.
In short, Bob is 'Accumulating'.
In this happy tale, Bob has a life partner called Jane.

Jane is also 'Accumulating'

At some point, Bob and Jane want to stop 'Accumulating' and start 'Decumulating'.

That means working less and starting to access the money they've accumulated.

Bob and Jane don't want to run out of money, but how can they know when to start safely 'Decumulating'?
Using MoneyRebase, they can model their financial future.

Based on their current wealth and expectations, they can easily create & compare alternative scenarios of how things might play out.

Over time, Bob and Jane periodically 'Rebase' their current wealth onto their scenarios to see if they are on track.
Bob and Jane don't have a crystal ball, but with MoneyRebase they can feel more confident of where they're headed in the long term and how they'll get there.

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